I Want Peace

You are on the english language site of the allinpeace project.
PEACE is only possible if I want it in words and actions.
Here is what I will do for me, for you and for Life...

I don't know you but we are ONE and we Love Life.
Your Life is precious... how do you protect it?
A new extended conflict threatens PEACE.
Do you stand by or do something?
You have enormous power to prevent further wars...
...and maybe you have 3 minutes to know how to use it...

❤️ Project in brief

❤️ Project in brief

The threat of a war involving many peoples is growing in Europe.
Some governments have declared themselves ready to use atomic weapons.
Many other forgotten conflicts are current in different places of the world.
Every war affects all of humanity and planet Earth.
Yet so far I have stood by and watched...

It must be clear: there are billions of us who want PEACE while few want war.

I have family, children, relationships and my Heart wants PEACE.

It is time to show with peaceful actions that I want PEACE.
Beyond words we need concrete actions to protect Life from the destruction of war.

If I love Life and want PEACE I can PACIFICALLY declare PEACE.

I am human like you, no matter who I am, and here is what I will do...

1. ❤️ From today, 17 October 2022, I will share the allinpeace Telegram channel and this website with my contacts and groups. The project does not ask for money and is of those who love PEACE not only in words.

2. ❤️ EVERY SUNDAY I will go to the town nearest to me to walk in PEACE and SILENCE to the seat of government, dressed in a white garment, to declare just three words to the politicians:


3. ❤️ IF POSSIBLE I WILL DO THIS ACTION EVERY SUNDAY in front of a town hall, a parliament, an institutional seat until the government lays down its arms.

4. ❤️ I will send photos and short videos of my action on the Telegram allinpeace group to testify to the world that



❤️ Share allinpeace media with your contacts and groups:
- Telegram channel: allinpeace
- Telegram group: allinpeace group
- Website:

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🔥 Project in detail

🔥 Project in detail

I will share this project in every way. For me, for you and for Life.

🔥 from the 17th of October 2022, I will share with my contacts and groups the allinpeace project to communicate that EVERY SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH I will be in the city closest to me and I will walk to the town hall, to the parliament, to an institutional seat, dressed in a white garment, to declare to the politicians just three words:


Thanks to social media I will be able to share this project with a large number of humans who may wish to do the same with their contacts and groups.

🔥 IF POSSIBLE EVERY SUNDAY, and until the government lays down its arms, I will choose the nearest government seat and walk in PEACE and SILENCE until I reach there to declare that



💫 It is urgent to make an action for PEACE by going to the nearest institutional seat because the politicians want to take us into a new war. Only I can do something to demand an end to all wars.
If you too realise that it is time to take an action for PEACE then I will see millions of humans walking with me and PEACE will take shape because there will be millions of actions.

🔥 EVERY SUNDAY IS THE FIXED APPOINTMENT I HAVE GIVEN MYSELF until governments carry out the will of the people by laying down their arms.
This PACIFIC and SILENT walk of mine will be guided by the AWARENESS and WILL to live in a world of PEACE and if you understand how important it is to take this action NOW then we will be in some city of this wonderful world side by side.
Governments will only perform if there are millions of us declaring EVERYWHERE in PEACE and in SILENCE that we want PEACE, aware of our Value and our clear Will to want to live in PEACE.
If governments are deaf I will take other peaceful actions, including disobedience, and I will write it here first.

🔥 Aware of having contributed to the current pain of the world I now say STOP: I no longer want to wait, I no longer want to delegate my Life to corrupt or incompetent or lying politicians and I have decided to take powerful peaceful actions to prevent more pain.
No place is safe from the madness of the few humans who want wars and therefore I WANT and CAN ACT to prevent them, together with you, with a simple and concrete action that will perhaps be multiplied millions of times everywhere.

🔥 This initiative belongs to those who feel it is harmonious and urgent and implement it: I call it allinpeace.
No matter who I am, I don't know you but I am you and like you I love Life and Peace.

⭐️ What I will do

⭐️ What I will do

⭐️ The allinpeace project
- is totally PACIFIC and NON-VIOLENT... just to be clear.
- It is totally APARTITIC, LAY and JOYFUL.
PEACE has no political or religious colour and cannot be manifested by violence.
I will always respect the places of my walks and their inhabitants.

⭐️ Symbol
As a symbol of the Allinpeace project, I will wear white clothing (T-shirt, polo shirt, jumper, jacket, coat, hat, armband, etc.).
White colour is the universally recognised colour of PEACE.

⭐️ I will only bring one message
allinpeace does not organise demonstrations. allinpeace media supports my and your action for PEACE.
With social media I communicate an easy but powerful way to express my firm WILL FOR PEACE to governments who do not listen and go to war.
Governments exist to do my will and since there are billions of us who want PEACE let us firmly declare it to every government.
If I can, I will only carry a WHITE sign or banner saying "I WANT PEACE". Any violent signs or party banners will not get my attention.
I am free to take a simple walk to the nearest government building.
We could be thousands in every city, every Sunday, declaring 'I WANT PEACE'.

⭐️ I will walk in PEACE and SILENCE
I wish to energise UNION and not division. If I WANT PEACE I will be peaceful and have respect for the places and humans who inhabit the cities in which I will walk. If I can, I will be in front of the government building in the middle hours of every Sunday, in broad daylight.

⭐️ The government's seat
It is the place of politics where decisions are executed. I will arrive around 10am and leave at around 4pm.
I will walk to the government building in the nearest city, but I may also choose to go to other cities, capitals or capitals.
It is not important where, it is important to be there.

⭐️ In front of the government's seat
If you come we will come from different roads heading for the same place. I will meet fraternal and resonant faces. Together with you I will tell the government that "I WANT PEACE".
I will stay until around 4pm and when I leave I will do so peacefully and respectfully, leaving every place clean and tidy.

⭐️ Obstacles to my walk
I feel that no one will want to stand in the way of my walk for PEACE. If I am alone I will be almost invisible, but if I find others who like me go to declare their desire for PEACE then we will be thousands and millions in many cities and no one will be an obstacle.
I will carry my message of PEACE to its destination and if for some reason it is not possible to get to the front of the government building I will sit down and declare to those who have stopped me that "I WANT PEACE".
Then I will peacefully return home.

⭐️ You will find future updates on the project ALWAYS and ONLY on this site and on the allinpeace Telegram channel


🙂 Disclaimer

🙂 allinpeace wants to show a single action that perhaps others will want to repeat, millions of them.
I perform the action on my own responsibility, in Honour and Truth. The action is always peaceful.

🙂 allinpeace is a project that does not ask for money. The action it proposes only brings a huge direct benefit to me, you and the Earth that hosts us if I decide to carry it out by going in front of a government building to PACIFICALLY declare PEACE.

🙂 Another war, like all the others, would bring pain and destruction to the entire ecosystem and therefore also to human life. It is indisputable and we can avoid it. If you feel you cannot do anything you still have my respect.

🙂 We are not condemned to war in order to evolve because we are created in Joy and Beauty, and therefore we can only avoid it if each one of us takes responsibility and resolutely stands up for PEACE by taking peaceful actions.

🙂 allinpeace wants to achieve the goal of preventing and stopping all war with everyone's PEACE Will. It wants to show that only by manifesting myself in Peace and Harmony can I create Peace and Harmony and avoid the conflicts that the current governments support, including by producing and trading weapons.

I do this for me, for you and for Life.


🙏 Gratitude

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